Transformation Decade 2015-2025

Justice P.Sathasivam

Hon'ble Governor of Kerala

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Shri. Nitin Gadkari

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Bharat Sevak Samaj is the National Development Agency constituted, in the year 1952, by the Indian Parliament on the recommendation of the Planning Commission, Government of India. The main purpose behind the formation of Bharat Sevak Samaj is to initiate a nation wide, non official and non political organization with the object of enabling individual citizens to contribute, in the form of an organized co-operative effort, to the implementation of the National Development Plan. BSS implements vivid programmes that can cater to national development by enhancing the human resource potential, social status, economic standards and living conditions.

Since its inception, BSS is involved in all development sectors by implementing programmes which can fulfill its objectives. Other than Socio –economic activities, to enhance the human resource potential, BSS is imparting educational programmes, skills development programmes, technical and management programmes, all over the nation. It is a fact that Bharat Sevak Samaj is the only development organisation, of its kind, constituted by the Government of India.

Participation of common public in the developmental initiatives and the extension of the outcome of the scientific, technological, social and economic developments, uniformly, to the common public is the need of the hour. Presently, majority of the common public are alienated from the main stream of development without having participation in any development initiatives. Capacity has to be generated among these sections to make them capable to become part of all development initiatives. The digital divide between the haves and have nots in all sectors of life has to be minimised. General public should get the benefit of the development projects and they should also have a decisive partnership in development activities. Through the extension of the novel section of knowledge, technology and scientific developments to the grass root level the participation of common people can be ensured at least to a certain extent.

The developments that are based on democracy, secularism and equality are aiming at the development of the community along with individual development. The democratic development in the nation can be ensured only when the people participate, confidently and successfully, in their personal development as well as in the prosperity of the locality and society in which they live. The national policy for economic development focuses on integrated development. Scientific and technological development should be made completely available to the people. There should be an elite understanding between scientists, technocrats, educationalists, beaurocrats, politicians and grass root level people.

All these situations well explain the need of a unified effort and this forced BSS to look forward to Transformation Decade 2015-2025 which can help the process of reaching the unreached.

Transformation Decade 2015-2025 aims at participating the people in development sectors and thereby to extend the development initiatives to the grass root level which can help generate among the people an enthusiasm, initiative and sincere effort for working towards development in all facets of the society and the nation, at large.

This Decedal Programme plans to formulate activities, through peoples participation, which can help protect the rights of the poor, ensure social justice and right to equality in all sectors. Transformation Decade 2015-2025 programme of BSS will aim to mould personalities from all sectors to make them participants in the process of taking our nation to the pinnacle of the world.

The Major plan of action finalised by Bharat Sevak Samaj during the Transformation Decade 2015 – 2025 are :

  1. By upholding the slogan “Total Employment Training for Total Development Plans to organize Community Colleges in all the panchayaths".
  2. To organize skill Training and Testing Centre in all wards to attain Skill India Vision.
  3. To realise Clean Kerala Programme through various programmes.
  4. To identify and implement programme that can help fight against liquor and drugs and thereby to arrive at teetotalism.
  5. To take up the protection and management of one river in Kerala with people’s participation.
  6. To ensure defensive mechanism against life style diseases.
  7. To function for achieving Diabetes Free Kerala.
  8. To function for ensuring self sufficiency in egg through Integrated Poultry Villages Programme.
  9. To ensure the development of eco friendly products and produces.
  10. To ensure the development of Community Industries in a massive way with the effective participation of women and marginalized sections.