Natural Resource Management Mission

   The degradation in the quality of natural resources like soil, water, vegetation, air and energy will adversely affect the nature to great extent and will result in the depletion of the ecosystem itself. This will negatively affect the whole living system on the earth. To inculcate environment consciousness among the local communities and to ensure environmental sustainability BSS is propagating Natural Resource Management practices through its Micro-Natural Groups.

The anticipated result of this programme are:

1. Sustainable environmental protection2. Financial Security
3. Food security4. Sharing and transfer of knowledge
5. Farmer, Researcher Collaboration6. Increased Production
7. Implementation of innovative farming practices8. Sustainable Local Resource Development
9. Sustainable Agriculture Development10. Sustainable Production

The major action programmes undertaken through the Micro Nature Groups of BSS are:

  1. Participatory Technology Development in Agriculture
  2. Action Research in Malabari Goats
  3. Rain Water Harvesting
  4. Watershed Development
  5. Solid Waste Management
  6. Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Development