Community industries (Micro Enterprises)

In order to help the community to generate income forom small enterprises, BSS is providing on the job training in various trades. Banian Waste Segregation, Mushroom Production and Value Addition, Floor Mat Making are some of them.

Self Help Group Mission (Micro finance & Community Banking Programme)

BSS considers Microfinance as a successful strategy to empower the poor to achieve economic independence and self reliancy. Mirofinance programme enabled the community organizations to address poverty and to facilitate the evolution of relevant livelihood initiatives. The marginalized sections of the soceity, especially the women who were considered non-bankable are now organized as Self Help Groups and have the honour accessing credit and the cultivation of the habit of savings.

Microfinance programme of BSS is the largest of its kind in Kerala with 3500 Self Helf Groups with a coverage of 70,000 beneficiaries. The present operational area of microfinance programme of BSS are the district of Thiruvananathapuram, Kottayam, Kasargod and Kozhikode.

The Major Objectives of this Programmes are:

  • To combat poverty and to bring out socio-economic development through promotion of Micro enterprises.
  • To provide continuous uninterrupted financial assistance to the marginalized unorganized women for livelihood enhancement and other financial needs.
  • To enhance the access to credit by collaborating with formal financial institutions.
  • To build up the capacity of the SHG members through management trainings and enhancement of Entrepreneurial abilities.
  • To promote Community banking which is the banking programme of the community itself.

For more details please contact:
BSS Microfinance & Community Industries
Brahmins colony, Kowdiar P.O.
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